Annsofie Jonsson, Felicia Scheuerecker,

Janin Walter, Marija Brasnic

18 - 20 June 2021

The four members of Studio Baustelle will show an INTERACTIVE MIXED MEDIA PERFORMANCE during 48h / Fri-Sun. Studio Baustelle is a collective of four artists featuring works created with analog resources. In a time of endless resources, Baustelle celebrates the phenomena possible with simple materials and processes, highlighting the accessibility in the practice of art. 

The Starting point of our contribution is the expression “there is something in the air”. Because of the ambiguous and intriguing meaning being something that is so elusive, exciting, scary, promising and yet filled with endless possibilities.The experienced uncertainties and regulations of the last year led to a new understanding and longing for interactions / relations with people, time and space.

Anything that's up in the air is uncertain, undecided or unresolved. Uncertain times - When nothing is sure, everything is possible. Let’s use these uncertain times for new experimental practices.

The global rules are changing from day to day -  the exhibition can only be planned day by day, or moment by moment, that’s why

we want to create an ever-changing artwork/space.

The outcome of this artwork is depending on our emotional and cognitive state, the interaction between each other and the information visitors and contributors are adding into the air of studio baustelle. We will start each day with our own emotions that we are bringing into the space. Due to the exchange between us, the information will change and therefore the artwork will change. We open our door and let whatever's in the Air in. The Artwork will be in a fluid state, changing, growing - depending on what will be the dynamic within us but also what comes from the outside. Besides regular visitors who are enriching the air, we will also invite other artists’ to change the substance of the air. 

For instance, sound artist Hakan will do a  sound installation,

which uses sinus-waves layered based on the theory of harmony of the spheres.