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Annsofie Jonsson + Janin Walter



Vernissage 10.11.2023 7-11pm

Saturday November 11th, 3-8pm
Sunday November 12th, 3-6pm

November 13th-16th open by appointment

Finissage 17.11.2023 7-10pm

In the exhibition "Travel Notations" the artists Annsofie Jonsson and Janin Walter show paintings created in different places, like a visual diary entry. The two artists have different lives and artistic expressions, but they share a love of travel and a fascination with the beauty of cities and rural spaces.



Annsofie Jonsson is a Berlin-based Swedish painter who specializes in both abstract and figurative representations. Her paintings are characterized by vivid colors, semi-realistic details and an emotional depth. They are a tribute to the people and cultures she has encountered in her travels.


Janin Walter is a Berlin-based German painter who specializes in abstract spaces. Her paintings are characterized by strong colors and expressive forms. They are a personal interpretation of the places she has visited.


We are looking forward to welcoming you.

Free entry

Studio Baustelle, Berthelsdorfer Str. 11, 12043 Berlin

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Lisa Gratzke



Vernissage 24.11.2023 7-11pm

Saturday November 25.11.  2-6pm
Sunday November 26.11. 2-6pm

and by appointment

Finissage 02.12.2023 7-10pm

Turn on the switch and go on and on. 


The exhibition “On” describes the feeling of a start or moment of activation of energy and process. What is a starting point, the moment of switch, the activation of muscle or thought? What causes this ignition and inspiration for complex thought or action and how do you go on? Insights may appear suddenly, but are also preceded by incremental unconscious processing.

While the process of artmaking itself consists of many moments of inspiration and activations as well as turning points, it can be compared to or seen as a metaphor for other or more daily activations and often unconscious processes of putting the pieces together. Lisa Gratzkes work focuses on exploring this feeling or moment of action and ignition by using abstract expression in painting, also visualizing this process in her art. Her artworks are often a personal confrontation with different topics by creating a complex, but also intuitive visual abstract language using layers and depth, forms and movement. 

“On” shows paintings, sketches and light installations exploring different turning points with compositions, colors and shapes. 


We are looking forward to welcoming you.

Free entry

Studio Baustelle, Berthelsdorfer Str. 11, 12043 Berlin

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