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8 - 9 December 2017

Affordable Art Auction

Sabrina Basten, Monika Berstis, Tegan Emerson, Sarah Godfrey, Friederike Hammann, ja.wa berlin, Sara Vera Lecaro, Kateřina Marečková, Daniel Marin Medina, Nikye Ngan, Anke Overbeck, Erica Parks, Liz Parsons, Luiza Prado, Lola Rossi, Cameron Seglias, Charles Simmonds, Nadine Schmidt, Natascha Schoenaich, Nadine Stewart, Ligal Tamir, Evelyn Tiernan, Rob Torrans and Rosita Uricchio

24 - 26 November 2017




Erica Parks and Monika Berstis


“Fetish”, love child of the Latin facticius "artificial" and facere, "to make", describes

a material object, generally man-made, considered to possess supernatural


10. November 2017



Jonathon Beattie

A series of ethereal images celebrating the unique aura of Japan.


Shot in 2017 by Jonathon Beattie.

23 - June 2017


as part of 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival

With the shadows of winter long forgotten in the height of Berlin summer, our immersive experience contrasts the bright atmosphere of the festival. Transforming our gallery into an interactive installation, we want to evoke the feeling of a presence lurking in the shadows. Whether as perpetrator or victim, we want visitors to experience a space of discomfort, darkness, unease and perverse curiosity, challenging the sense of well-being and comfort in the community.

26 - 27 May 2017



Monika Berstis


Mobility is an important topic today, and especially in Berlin. Many people arrive in the city and land in a subleased apartment. Some surf from one sublease to another over the course of several years for lack of finding a long-term lease. Berlin is also a hotbed of startup companies, people whose business is not

necessarily anchored to a place who choose to make this city their base for a variety of reasons. Also, rising rents in Berlin are contributing to mobility away from the city center. Recently many refugees also find themselves in Berlin (among many other places of course) and make up another demographic of

mobile resident.

28 - 30 April 2017



Janin Walter


Wabi Sabi kommt aus Japan. Es ist ein ästhetisches Konzept der Wahrnehmung von Schönheit und

bildet den Maßstab der japanischen Kunstbewertung. Wabi Sabi ist nicht übersetzbar. Es ist eine

Begriffseinheit. Nicht die Schönheit ist das Höchste, sondern das Unvollkommene.

24 March 2017

i will wear all of it and none of it - an exhibition of selected weavings

Sarah Godfrey

'i will wear all of it and none of it' is an exploration of clothing and its impact on genderqueer bodies.

Using weaving to play with the forms and meaning of 'men's' clothing, it is an attempt to both take power from these symbols and to find a place amongst them.

10 March 2017



Elizabeth Parsons

A mixed media exhibition focusing on portraiture. A discovery of inner self and a play on different perspectives of ones self in relation to others. Same Same but different.

20-22 January 2017

It will play beautifully when it comes


Leonard Traynor

Leonard has studied at the Dublin School of Creative Arts graduating in 2015. He was the recipient of the

Lismore Castle Arts Grdauate Award and has been living in Berlin since June 2015.

His work focuses on the impact of exponentially growing technology on the artistic process. Using old

and new technologies to create kinetic sound sculptures to address the question of an artists worth in a

machine driven world.

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