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7 - 23 June

'in, around, through'

Studio Baustelle & Acceptable Risk LA

(as part of the B-LA Connect Festival)

In a sentence, a prepositional phrase acts as a bridge connecting two disparate worlds. The prepositions in, around, through form a metaphorical meeting point between two worlds that are socially separate and at once united through a shared desire for transformation. With disciplinary practices spanning performance, painting, sculpture, and fiber arts, 12 unique artists from Los Angeles and Berlin converge to form a divergent landscape of new possibilities



Curators: Tu Nguyen & Joshua Oduga 

ARLA Artists: Emily Babette, Carly Chubak,

Sean Cully, Miranda Friedman, Katie Shanks,

Stephanie Sherwood, Kate Sikorski 

Studio Baustelle Artists: Marija Brasnic,

Lindsey Dodge, Sarah Godfrey, Annsofie Jonsson,

Janin Walter 


in-around-trough-front (2).jpg

26 - 28 April 


Marija Brasnic

“Involved” is the result of an ongoing process in which Marija Brasnic explores the possibilities of the unconscious mind through her experimental practices in art. She develops her layered visual language by combining intaglio printmaking techniques with digital media.

A series of mixed media paintings, intaglio prints (aquatint, dry point, etching and reserveage) and digital prints are presented in this exhibition. This also includes a hand-printed artist book “Graphic expression of signs”, in which the artist explores the connection between drawing and handwriting.



12 - 14 April 



This exhibition shows the results of 2 artist in residence programs in Muscat, Oman.


The Journey of finding Beauty


What defines beauty? What lies in the eyes of the beholder? And what is considered beauty in the context of different cultures? During her stay in Muscat in 2017, Jawaberlin invited local artists, architects and designers for workshops to debate beauty, desires and values.


Colourfield Experiments


During her second stay in Muscat in 2018/19, Jawaberlin explored her inner world through meditation. The paintings she did after each meditation show the emotions she was working on during the meditation process. This was a starting point for the series she then went on to do in Germany and Korea




22 - 24 March 2019

fragments of a turbulent landscape

Mari Eriksen & Leon Røsten 


The exhibition 'fragments of a turbulent landscape' consists of a sound installation by visual artist Mari Eriksen and composer and jazz pianist Leon Røsten.


"A conversation between sonic and visual elements in a space which invites the viewer to reflect upon the complex time we are living in. With an imaginative and intuitive approach to development of the sound piece, the low-fi materials from our everyday surroundings, and the gallery space itself - we hope to convey a sense of trauma, despair, courage and hope. The unpleasant and the beautiful."


3 March 2019

'Intuitive Colorfield Painting' workshop

with Janin Walter (@jawaberlin)


studio baustelle is kicking off 2019 with an intuitive painting workshop!

intuitive painting focuses on spontaneous expression, offering insight into your inner world and using mediation to create art.

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