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26 - 31 October 2018



an installation by Studio Baustelle's 2018 Artist in Residence, Taizo Matsuyama


His solo exhibition "DANCE HARD, SLEEP TIGHT" presents the diverse results of his experimental attempts in the forms of drawing, sculpture, found objects and video works, all from his 'weird living room' in Berthelsdorfer Straße.



3 - 6 August 2018


The Way

an installation by Erica Parks

Utilizing traditional storytelling techniques, 'the way' presents a symbolic journey as told through the medium of clay.




22 - 24 June 2018

Perception Change / Wahrnehmungsshift

a group exhibition as part of

48 Stunden Neukölln Festival

Ala Leresteux, Ani Samperi, Chloe Grove, Ciara Rapple, Erica Parks, Erwin Laiho, Fee Keller, Friederike Hammann, Irene Hoppenberg, jawaberlin, Leonie Brandner, Monika Berstis, Olivia Lennon, Petra Dumpe Benkova, Sarah Godfrey, Sheldon Drake, Simone Schiefer, Soojung Kim + Ursula Cooper

Studio Baustelle interprets 'new reality' today as a digital reality. Invisible networks overwhelm perception of our physical surroundings. For the festival, we subvert this reality with a 'new new reality' where physical objects gain an intensity through a shift in materiality and purpose. We present a cabinet of curiosities containing surprising objects, everyday objects reimagined. A group of artists show their creations in our collection: a tree of tennis balls, a bathtub of yarn, a fluffy telephone.... Our intention is to shift attention to our physical environment and thereby escaping the cage of digital reality!




8 - 9 June 2018

7th plane of existence

Ahmed Al Mullahi

Ahmed Al Mullahi is a live performance artist from Oman who

works with the art consciousness. His brush is the

awareness and the universe is his canvas. Al Mullahi established his own style in performance that has been inspired by the human energy and the ability to connect

to a higher dimension. The main principle of Al Mullahi’s methodology is challenging the brain limitation,

by shifting his brain wave and connecting it to a

higher consciousness using several meditation techniques.

Ahmed uses these techniques to receive ultimate universal

vibrations that transform within his physical body allowing him to receive information that then translates into a live performance.


Ahmed's work is all about surrendering and trust, he

states; “my body is just a medium in the third dimension”. 

Yet, he believes that the divine consciousness

takes over his body and mind, allowing the divine

power to express itself into the human form.


In his exhibition he will show several photography-series which are a reflection of life in Oman.

Workshop 7-8 July 2018 at Holzmarkt



25 May 2018


jawaberlin and xiaoluaren

Femininity in transformation

Masculine energy and power

Feminine energy and power

Introversion, shy - behavior - what does it mean?


Does the context of society determine how we perceive ourselves? 

Does society force us into a certain behavior and way of thinking? Does it determine how we want to be? 

Who we can be? Which self-reflections we have?

Who and what brings out the truth of ourselves?


During our lifetime we are confronted with certain experiences and emotions - these experiences form our personalities - year by year we are covering our true self with more and more layers - we add one after the other - we learn how society expects us to react -

at a certain point we understand it doesn’t make sense to hide our true selves or react as society expects of us or to concede to a perceived general opinion - at this point we understand we have to stand out - we have to show who we really are, although we will be confronted with a lack of understanding.



18 - 20 May 2018

of beginnings

an exhibition by Christa Fülbier

Where does ‘a beginning’ come from? A question that seems interesting in so many ways, and the initial point for this exhibition. Works in this installation refer to objects and paintings from prehistoric times, as well as pieces reflecting a very personal approach to the topic of ‘beginning’.

In the beginning you can do everything in any way or do nothing at all—it is the moment of total freedom and at the same time its end.



27 - 29 April 2018


an exhibition by Sarah Godfrey

Inspired by the writings of Deleuze and Guattari, and especially their work around "Bodies Without Organs", this exhibition is the first of a planned longer project.

How do we articulate our bodies when they are unruly, sick and unknowable?

Using weaving as a way to reimagine bodies, as a means of resistance, a way to practice self-care, these works (some finished, some still in progress) are attempts to map the body, to push it through the everyday, erupt and take up space.


13 - 14 April 2018

Art Auction "50 under €50"


Anne-Bénèdichte Girot, 
Angelina Kartsaki, Ashbee Wong,
Ben Meyer, Brandon Oxendine, Charmaine de Heij, Eileen Maria Keane, foxitalic, Frederico AM, Friederike Hammann, Hanna Kang, Hanne van der Velde, Irene Hoppenberg, Jaiprakash Chouhan, Joe Bentley, Julijajan, Kadi, Lisa Denyer, Lita Poliakova, Loïc Saulin, Lola Rossi, Marija Brasnic, Megan Archer, Nadine Stewart, Natalia Monakhova, Nykie Ngan, Patrick Brandt, Rebecca Taber, Rosita Uricchio, Simon Bervet, Sonali Chouhan, Stefanie Jahn, Tilman Geiger, Tiphanie Chetara, valentina, Zeyno

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