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October 3, 2012

Found Objects 001: Packaging

For the 2012 Nacht und Nebel festival, Baustelle explored the reuse of packaging materials. As formwork, as a stamp, as a filter for light…. Designed specifically for various consumer products, packaging forms are left with a bold and mysterious visage once separated from their product. Visitors try their hand at making geometric prints from esoteric stamps of packaging.

The objects created abstractly hint of the intricicies and waste of consumer culture but also celebrate the playful use of artefacts divorced from their origin and the beauty of form in engineered objects.

June 22, 2012

Yesterday SUCKED and tomorrow ain't looking good either

Caro Wedekind
Gianpaolo Alexander
Tommy Grov

15. - 17. Juni 2012

"Vermöbelte Stadtraum"; 48 Stunden Neukölln

Kunstwerke von Studierenden des Fachgebiets Bildende Kunst TU-Berlin
TU Berlin, Fachgebiet Bildende Kunst > > >

Der gebaute urbane Raum und seine Lücken sind mit vielen Objekten unterschiedlichster Formen und Aufgaben gespickt. Im Zentrum der Ausstellung steht ein oftmals uebersehenes Alltagsobjekt: Das Stadtmobiliar. Mit den Mitteln von Performance, Installation und Fotografie wird dieses in einen kuenstlerischen Kontext ueberfuehrt. Im Studio Baustelle in der Berthelsdorfer Straße 11 praesentieren Studierende des Instituts fuer Architektur der TU-Berlin ihre kuenstlerischen Projektentwuerfe. Die Arbeiten wurden in Seminar Vermoebelter Stadtraum am Fachgebiet Bildende Kunst bei Prof. Dr. Stefanie Buerkle, erarbeitet.

June 8, 2012

Wie sieht dein Zuhause aus?

Kunstwerke vom Publikum


Prompted by the question “What does your home look like?” on stamped, self-addressed post cards left in bars, galleries and cafés; the community responded with illustrations exhibited here along with pieces from several artists:

Fox Italic’s box of cookies from Mother
Elke Graalf’s installation alluding to people who lived and died in hotels and a photo series by Zara Pfeifer 
Further works were created by visitors during the opening, creating a growing wall of responses.

May 18 - 24, 2012


Julie Beugin 
Megan Hepburn 
Alma Heikkila 
Jim Holyoak 
Nam Nguyen
Sarah Pupo
Elina Tukhanen

The work in this exhibition rides the quiet swell of the murmur. Each piece crafts moments of access through drifting, crawling or seeping condensation. Murmuring is the manner in which the artists conduct energy. The murmurs bespeak an unnatural event deep within each piece, of knowledge inserting itself, making itself known through the disturbing ripple of a stumble. The more we sharpen edges and clean up slick surfaces, the more they leak. There are whispers, mutters, something growing, and getting closer. This murmur attunes our ears, it indicates only that something is happening. It is a morphogenetic sound - the beginning of a shape.

March 30 - April 14, 2012

The Orange Glow of a Stranger's Living Room

Monika Berstis


Originally exhibited at the TU Berlin, this piece examines longing as it relates to the city of Venice.

This installation describes glimpses into warm inaccessible interiors (of Venice, or any other beautiful place), and the longing to become part of this beautiful place.

Pieced together from donated, collected and painted cloth, the inside of this tapestry creates a colorful and inaccessible collage of mundane and phenomenal pieces that make up an interior. Visible only slantwise through openings and screens, the mirrored reflections of the interior highlight the separateness of the observer.

Here the back room itself is presented as a veiled interior, glowing and distant.

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